Visual Learning Style

Visual (spatial)

How do you know if you are a visual learner?

  • You seem to comprehend new information when you can see a picture or graphic to illustrate it.
  • If someone asks you for directions, do you tend to draw them a map?
  • Do you often find yourself "doodling" while taking notes?

Implications for learning

  • Using a search engine, one can easily locate images and diagrams for most concepts covered in a course. Take advantage of these resources.
  • There is benefit to drawing things out for yourself and/or visualizing things in your mind. You may find it beneficial to draw concept maps to illustrate related ideas.
  • Make use of your impulse to scribble by producing items that are related to the course content.
  • Organizing information using colors may be especially beneficial for you. As you take notes, underline or highlight items using colors.