Verbal Style of Learning

Verbal (linguistic)

How do you know if your learning style is verbal?

  • Has anyone ever called you a "wordsmith?"
  • Do you excel at word games ranging from crossword puzzles to tongue twisters to word related board games?
  • Do you seem to have a knack for making up rhymes or acronyms?
  • Do you consider your vocabulary to be more robust than most others?
  • Do you look up the meaning of words that you do not know?

Implications for learning

  • Recognize that being a "verbal" learner can be a real advantage, especially in an online course.
  • Read the content of the course out loud to yourself. Verbal learners pick up on clues when they can both see and hear words.
  • Make use of acronyms when memorizing or organizing content.
  • Talk out loud to yourself and put the course content in your own words.