Technical Competency

Proficiency with computers and technology will speed up the time spent using technology to find course materials and complete assignments in your eLearning courses.

Learn how to confidently navigate Blackboard, the course management system at UAA

To be successful in most college-level courses, it is important that you become proficient with computers.

An excellent way to improve your computer knowledge is to take a computer class. A variety of computer classes are available through Kodiak College, both face-to-face and distantly. 

Computer classes regularly offered at Kodiak College:

  • Keyboarding A: Basic Keyboarding – CIOS A101A
  • Keyboarding B: Business Documents I – CIOS A101B
  • Keyboarding C: Business Documents II – CIOS A101C
  • Operating Systems: MS Windows – CIOS A113
  • Word Processing I: MS Word – CIOS 130A
  • Spreadsheets I: MS Excel – CIOS 135A
  • Spreadsheets II: MS Excel – CIOS A230A
  • Word Processing II: MS Word – CIOS A230A
  • Introduction to Personal Computers and Application Software – CIS A105
  • Computer Concepts in Business – CIS A110
  • Introduction to Computerized Accounting – ACCT A222
  • Internet Concepts and Applications - CIOS A146

Visit UAOnline to view a full list of classes offered at the University of Alaska.

Here are a few websites that offer free computer tutorials:

It is important to be aware of the dangers to your identity, personal information, and computer that you may encounter on the internet, so that you can guard against them.

The library is a great place to find credible references and can be accessed from the internet. There is even a librarian that will be happy to assist you via the internet or phone. Please visit the college library website to learn more.