SUMMER 2014 PD Opportunities

Faculty and Staff:

While you are off contract or have some "free" time, why not learn more about best practices and developments in elearning?  There are three (3) separate opportunities for small stipends and LOTS of options for learning!  Specific details and stipend forms for all professional development (PD) opportunities can be found in our "Quality Matters at KoC" Blackboard shell.  Contact Debbi Canavan if you do not have access to this area on Blackboard.

Deadline for stipends is August 9, 2014; however, this may be extended under certain circumstances.  Contact Debbi for the details.

Opportunity #1

Student Coaches, Tutors, Lab Aides, & Advisors:  Attend or review recordings of webinars on success strategies and best practices for working with students.  Participation in three separate webinars qualifies for the Sea Change Grant stipend.  The form and the links to the webinars can be found on Blackboard.

Webinars purchased through Innovative Educators are listed on our website through them; direct links to the descriptions of the content and presenter(s) can be found on the attached PDF file.  We have a limited time access to the TutorLingo tutorials, which tutors can use for this opportunity as well.

Opportunity #2

Faculty (full-time and adjuncts):  Attend any of the full Quality Matters PD courses during July and qualify for the QM PD stipend.  Courses are all online and run two weeks each; ony two courses are left for July.  See the folder in our Blackboard shell.
list of two courses

Opportunity #3

Faculty (full-time and adjuncts):  Attend any of the in-person or online workshops/webinars from the list provided in Blackboard.  Sessions run 1-2 hours depending on the topic.  Each session attended qualifies for a stipend; up to six (6) sessions can be applied.  In-person sessions will also be listed on this website's Staff & Faculty calendar.

Types of workshops/webinars:

  • Series: Best Practices in Online Course Design (QM & SoftChalk) (5 Webinars available)
  • Series: Sloan-C Accessibility Webinars (4 webinars)
  • Online Learning Consortium (free university membership) (over 22 webinars available)
  • ECHO360: Flipping without Flopping