Click the answers below to see the answers to common questions about the Vessel Repair Program.

  • What is it?

    Maritime Workforce Development is a new program at Kodiak College. We teach skills for vessel owners, service technicians, commercial fishing crew, and other interested parties.  Maritime skills are for career, for work, for family, for safety, for life.

  • What types of classes are there?
    There will be 2-Day Workshops, 5-Day Workshops, and 2-Week Certification Blocks.  There will also be some online courses.
  • What background do I need?

    Most workshops are designed for those with no experience and those with beginner's experience.   The certification courses are for more advanced learners who have been repairing boat equipment for a while.  The experience required for the online courses varies from course to course.

  • What topics are covered?

    Workshops and classes through Kodiak College Maritime will include topics such as deck hand basics,  drive train alignment, keeping water out of fuel, vessel systems overview, basic DC wiring, preventative maintenance, fiberglass repair, diesel basics, knots for the mariner, advanced navigation, captain's licensing, outboard maintenance, hydraulic basics, and related repair topics.

  • How much does it cost?

    The workshops will be as affordable as $100, the online knots class is about $20,  and the certification courses are $1000.

  • When are the classes offered?

    Throughout the semester.

  • How do I learn more?

    Contact the coordinator: L.A. Holmes 486.1239

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