Stress Management Techniques


This workshop provides an overview of the dimensions of wellness and how they impact the everyday choices students make about their health and their overall level of well being. Areas covered include: physical health, emotional health, intellectual health, spiritual health, and social health. An explanation of how each of these “ingredients” when combined together, help in forming a balanced student. Within each of these dimensions, there is a further breakdown of information. These areas include: fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, substance use/abuse, depression/anxiety, relationships, getting involved in groups/organizations and studies.

Objectives:  Students will learn

  • The importance of viewing themselves as a whole and not as separate parts
  • That much like a recipe, if ingredients are not included in certain amounts, or are left out altogether, the final product may fall flat
  • That taking care of the basics (eating well, exercising, sleeping well, avoiding/eliminating alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and talking to someone when they need to) can go a long way in reducing stress levels and achieving their educationsl goals


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