Travel Procedures

Business Travel for Faculty & Staff

Instructions for Travel Authorizations (TA’s) &

Travel Expense Reports (TER’s)

To expedite travel requests and to comply with the Board of Regents travel regulations a summary of how to begin and end business travel for the Kodiak College has been outlined for the staff and faculty.   The travel  and  relocation regulations are available at:

 Travel Authorizations

 A Travel Authorization form will need to be filled out prior to all travel arrangements.  Complete a Travel Authorization form (TA) by filling in all fields.   This includes the following; (if the field is inapplicable use N/A).  Go to for a TA form.

  1. Legal name of Traveler
  2. University ID Number
  3. Purpose of Trip
  4. Department Name
  5. Travel to and from : including date and time
  6. Date and Time Business begins and ends: including date and time-refer to traveler’s backup documentation
  7. Dates of personal leave (cost comparison must be included with TA); The University will only pay for an airline ticket upfront if the  personal time included does not exceed the cost of the business trip otherwise a reimbursement will be made upon completion of travel for the lesser of the 2 itineraries.   
  8. Travel  Estimated Cost section determines the reimbursement on theTravel Expense Report
    • Go to Alaska Airlines and print a desired business travel itinerary
    • If personal time is requested see #7
    • Go to preferred hotel and use that lodging quote
    • Meal projections depends upon location
    • Registration fees-attach paperwork with conference preferences
    • Taxis and shuttles are preferred.  Car rental requested (economy -midsize car) need additional justification

Total the Estimated costs and add the correct Fund/Org/Acct.

 Upon completion of filling out the TA form attach the meeting schedule, agenda, conference handout etc. for all travel.  This will verify there is a purpose for the business travel to be authorized for the duration of the TA request.   Send this paperwork through the interoffice mail system or electronically to the Accounts Payable/Business Office at:

 Upon receipt of the TA the Accounts Payable/Business Office will review the calculations for the transportation, lodging and per diem for accuracy and general appropriateness.  The fund, orgs and account codes will be reviewed and a TA number will be generated and forwarded back to the traveler or administrative assistant.  The traveler will sign and the traveler or administrative assistant will send their TA form to the Director for authorization.

 The Director’s office will send authorized TA’s back to the Business Office.  The authorized expenses will be encumbranced into banner.  A copy of the authorized TA will be scanned back to the traveler and administrative assistant for their records and to use during the TER paperwork. 

 Accounts Payable will send the traveler and the administrative assistant if applicable a copy of the itinerary for review and confirmation of acceptance of the flight itinerary if it is different than the original itinerary (changes can be made as long as it is cost effective).  Upon confirmation Accounts Payable will pay for reservations with the department travel card and send the traveler confirmation that the ticket has been purchased.  If the itinerary is not approved by the traveler and they need additional changes that incur a cost it will be sent to the Director for review.

 If there are changes to the travel arrangements at the time of travel or a cancellation of travel it is the responsibility of the traveler to cancel and make appropriate notifications to agencies i.e. airlines and hotels and to the Business Office.

 Travel Expense Reports

 Upon return from traveling, complete a Travel Expense Report (TER) with the Business Office within 15 days.  When filling out the TER the cost should be inserted as a daily expense. The paperwork that must accompany a TER  is as follows:

 Attach the  original authorized TA

  1. Copy of airline itinerary w/boarding passes
  2. Hotel receipt(s)
  3. Deduct ¼ of the daily meal per diem for each meal provided at hotel, meeting, conference etc. 
  4. Attach finalized car rental receipt
  5. Attach any other receipts, i.e. taxi, shuttle, parking
  6. If there are additional expenditures this should be noted on the TER (example weather delays)
  7. The traveler or administrative assistant will fill out the TER form
  8. Please note a TER must be filled out even with a $0.00 reimbursement if travel was completed.

Each receipt must show the form of payment

 The TER will be reviewed by the Accounts Payable/Business Office for and up to the amount of the original TA. The TER will be reviewed for accuracy and sent from the Accounts Payable/Business Office to the traveler and then the Director’s office.  The TER will be entered into banner within 4 days of receipt of the Director’s signed copy.    Traveler’s payments will be processed upon receipt.  If the traveler has direct deposit they will be sent an email indicating the date of the reimbursement.