Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Learn how to learn; see if you have the study tools and strategies for higher education; learn better writing strategies; or just check out what’s available.

Twenty different tutorials are available:

The tutorials are available to anyone—not just college students.  
The tutorials are part of a pilot project in targeted advising and student success.  We are asking that anyone taking a tutorial from our website also provide us with a vote for the videos that are the most useful.  After the pilot ends, we will be deciding whether or not to continue providing this service, or to provide only a few of the most popular tutorials. 

You get to help us decide, and to be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card.

For more information, please go to the Student Lingo page or contact Debbi Canavan ( or 486-1202).

Provided by Kodiak College’s Title III Sea Change Grant from now until July 31, 2013.