OEC in Office Support

The Occupational Endorsement Certificate in Office Support develops skills that an administrative assistant would use in an office setting.

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  1. Demonstrate keyboarding skills of 40 net words per minute.
  2. Integrate intermediate skills that utilize features in operating systems, word processing, email, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software
  3. Demonstrate oral and written communications skills that meet business standards
  4. Demonstrate professional behavior and interpersonal skills

Office Foundations OEC (9 credits)

CIOS 101A Keyboarding A
CIOS A113 Operating Systems: MS Windows
CIOS 130A Word Processing I: MS Word
CIOS 135A Spreadsheets I: MS Excel
CIOS 146 Internet Concepts and Applications
CIOS 160A Proofreading (Proof of placement in ENGL 111 or concurrent enrollment)
CNT 165 Customer Service Fundamentals

Office Support OEC (13 credits)

Complete the 9 credits of the Office Foundations Certificate and then complete the following:

CIOS 101B Keyboarding B
CIOS 101C Keyboarding C
CIOS A115 10-Key for Business Calculations
CIOS 125A Electronic Communications I: MS Outlook
CIOS 140A Databases I: MS Access
CIOS 150A Presentations: MS PowerPoint
CIOS 164 Filing
CIOS 165 Office Procedures
CIOS 259 Preparing Electronic Documents: Adobe Acrobat

This certificate prepares you to be an administrative assistant in an office setting.

Secretaries and administrative assistants:

  • maintain filing systems
  • route and distribute mail
  • answer routine letters and email
  • attach files to messages
  • operate fax machines and other office equipment
  • use computers for spreadsheet, wordprocessing, database management and other applications.

Earning Potential
Administrative assistants earn about $16/ hour or $ 35,000 per year.

Job Outlook
This field is growing about as fast as average.

For more information or advising contact Heather Corriere.


Office phone: 907-486-1212