Learn how YOU can reduce energy costs while living in Kodiak!

Kodiak College proudly introduces a new series of Sustainable Energy courses in the spring 2014 semester.  Sustainable energy courses are designed to provide local homeowners with knowledge and skills necessary to complete basic energy efficiency upgrades, in addition to installation and maintenance of residential systems used to harvest alternative energy.

Courses are as follows:

  • RE A140 (CRN39282) Home Energy Basics            1CR     01/13 – 01/17
  • ET A151 (CRN39258) Basic Electricity                     4CR     01/20 – 03/14
  • RE A110 (CRN39277) Solar PV Systems                 1CR     03/24 – 04/04
  • RE A120 (CRN39279) Solar Hot Water Systems      1CR     04/07 – 04/18
  • RE A130 (CRN39280) Small Wind Systems              1CR     04/21 – 04/25

For more information, contact:

Cliff Ford (907) 486-1247 or Lorraine Stewart  (907) 486-1209