Life Factors

Most students are involved in much more than just taking college classes, but to be successful in your classes it is important to find sufficient time, places to study, motivation, resources, and study skills.

Finding an appropriate place to study is crucial. Here are some hints:

  • Find an environment that suits you. Some persons prefer silence and some prefer background noise.
  • Select a comfortable place, but not so comfortable that you will fall asleep.
  • Claim the space as yours. Inform others the
    space is your study area and they are not to disturb items or you while in the space.
  • Avoid common areas such as kitchen tables or den couches.
  • Avoid multi-tasking. While you are studying close your email and do not participate in social networking.
  • Feed your stomach then your mind. If you are hungry you may not be able to focus and may be tempted to take frequent breaks to snack.
  • Be supplied. Keep all of the supplies such as pens, paper and highlighters at your study space.
  • Have a bright idea. Make sure that your study space has appropriate lighting.

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Defining a strong reason for going to school will help motivate you to be successful.  You are encouraged to create goals for yourself, write down the ways that going to school will benefit you, and periodically review this list. 

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Appropriate resources and support from others are important for your success.  There are many resources available at Kodiak College. A few are listed/linked below.