Improving Your Readiness for Online Learning

If you haven’t taken the SmarterMeasure assessment, you can access it at to assess your readiness for learning in an online and/or technology rich environment.  This assessment is designed to enlighten you about areas where you might need improvement.

Please click on the categories below to view resources and strategies for improvement in areas where you may need extra attention.  

Life Factors

Time, study place, motivation, resources and skills may impact your ability to learn. You may be able to modify circumstances to have a positive impact.

Individual Attributes

Academic attributes, time management, procrastination, persistence, locus of control, and willingness to ask for help can be enhanced or improved to prepare you for college

Learning Styles

It is important to know and understand if your dominant learning style physical, visual, social, aural, logical, solitary, or verbal and implications that style may have on learning.


Reading Rate & Recall

Important skills for being an efficient learner in a distance environment.

Technical Competency

Increase your comfort level with the computer and the internet.

Technical Knowledge

Learn how to improve your technical vocabulary and usage. 


Typing Speed & Accuracy

Improving your typing skills may impact your ability to participate in your classes.

Live Homework Help

There is live homework help available online for all students in many subjects. Students can upload essays and resumes for tutors to edit!

Campus Resources

Discover the resources for students available at Kodiak College


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