The Learning Center

Making Connections with Students and Faculty

TLC Mission: To support the academic success of students, collaborate with faculty and adjuncts, and expand educational opportunities and intellectual development of all learners.

Tutors are available Mondays through Fridays. A full tutor schedule is available in The Learning Center, Room 205 Campus Center and is attached here as well--Spring 2014 Tutor Schedule (PDF).

Tutors are available to assist students with English writing and reading, English as a Second Language (ESL), science, and math skills and assignments. They can also help students identify learning styles, develop study strategies, manage timelines, and organize projects. Students may drop in for FREE tutoring sessions, or they may register and pay for individually tutored English lab courses in reading or writing.

Other services include access to campus technology and instructional software as well as Accuplacer practice testing,  and scholarship preparation and essay writing.  Student-centered and user-friendly, The Learning Center provides computer workstations and specific work areas for individual and small study groups.  Useful handouts, online and print resources,course texts, and comprehensive writing guides are available.

Some useful online sites include:

Our friendly, dedicated, and experienced tutors are proud to offer students support with their assignments. Their goal is to help students succeed.
Located in Campus Center, Room 205 and Foyer; 907- 486-1203.