Exam Prep & Test-Taking Strategies

 Slide from workshop showing a list of differences btween studying and learning.

Taking tests typically strikes fear, anxiety, and sometimes panic in the hearts of many students. During this session, the presenter will discuss strategies that give students the best chance of alleviating fear and passing those exams. This workshop will explain the difference between studying and learning, demonstrate a 5 step exam preparation process, and provide specific strategies for multiple choice, essay, and final exams. Students will leave with specific test-taking strategies, which can be applied immediately in order to succeed during their next exam.

Objectives:  Students will learn:

  • Differences between studying and learning
  • A five phase test preparation strategy called The Study Cycle
  • How to use campus resources such as the tutoring center, study groups, supplemental; instruction, etc.
  • What to do once you’re actually taking the test
  • Specific test-taking strategies for multiple choice, essay, and final exams


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