Under the Title III SIP Sea Change Grant, at least four courses across the disciplines are developed for eLearning and/or hybrid delivery each year. These courses are then piloted the following year. Each course is unique to Kodiak College and designed around an island/coastal theme.

By offering theme-based courses, Kodiak College hopes to increase student interest through strategic curriculum design – attracting students from afar and close to home. When students enjoy their experience in one themed course, they are likely to enroll in the related courses.

Below is a listing of the annual course themes initiated thus far, along with the specific courses developed under the Themed eLearning program.

Year 1: Climate Change

Year 2: Circumpolar Cultures

Year 3: Sustainability

Year 4: Marine Resources

ENVI 212 Living on Earth: People and the Environment

HUM 212 Intro to Humanities II--Living Far North: Alaskans and the Environment

BIOL 178 Foundations of  Oceanography


ENGL 213 Writing about the Social and Natural Sciences: Writing About Alaskan Islands

ENVI 211 Environmental Science: Earth as an Ecosystem

ENVI 211L Environmental Science LAB: Earth as an Ecosystem

BA 166 Small Business Management: The Business of Sustainability


CIOS 150 PowerPoint Presentations: Focus on Islands and Coasts

ECON 202 Introduction to MicroEconomics: Insular Communities

STAT 252 Elementary Statistics: Predicting Populations


CIOS 190 Intro to Distance Education

ENGL 202 Masterpieces of World Literature II: 1650- to Present--Literature of the Pacific Rim

OSH 250 Environmental and Hazardous Waste Operations


EDEC 105 Introduction to the Field of Early Childhood Education



RE 100 Introduction to Renewable Energy



ENGL 111 Methods of Written Communication: Our Alaskan Place