eLearning at Kodiak College

Fifty percent of Kodiak College courses are delivered by eLearning.  The format of these courses varies: some are entirely online and asynchronous and others require that students participate in class by computer or video conference while class is in session.  Students should understand the general difference between these options before they register.  Please consider the comparisons below and ask questions if you need more information. Contact Student Services at 907-486-1266 or by email to studentservices@alaska.edu.

Quick Comparison: Face-to-Face vs. eLearning 

ftf vs elearning

Detailed Comparison: Face-to-Face vs. eLearning

F2F and eLearning Comparison Chart 

Is eLearning Right for You?

Most Kodiak College students take a combination of face-to-face and eLearning courses. To help decide if eLearning courses are right for you, take the Smarter Measure. This assessment evaluates seven areas of interest to help you find out if you have the skills to be a successful eLearner. Your results are compiled to provide recommendations about steps to take to improve your likelihood for success in eLearning courses. 

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