eLearning Survey

Take the following survey to help determine if eLearning is right for you.

  1. My reading comprehension skills are:
    1. Good
    2. Average
    3. Below Average
  2. My ability to navigate the Internet is:
    1. Good 
    2. Average
    3. Below Average
  3. My ability to use email, including attaching a file to a message, is:
    1. Good
    2. Average
    3. Below Average
  4. My ability to download a program from the Internet and install it is:
    1. Good
    2. Average
    3. Below Average
  5. When I am using a new technology that is unfamiliar to me:
    1. I am eager to learn new skills.
    2. I feel nervous, but I try it anyway.
    3. I avoid using new technologies.
  6. My need to take eLearning courses is:
    1. High - I require my eLearning course(s) for a degree, job or other need.
    2. Moderate - I could take the course(s) on campus or at another time.
    3. Low - I have no immediate need for eLearning courses.
  7. Feeling that I am an active part of a class is:
    1. Not particularly important.
    2. Somewhat important.
    3. Very important.
  8. I would categorize myself as someone who:
    1. Often gets tasks done ahead of time.
    2. Has no problem getting things done on time.
    3. Procrastinates on most tasks.
  9. Classroom discussion is:
    1. Not very important to me.
    2. Somewhat important to me.
    3. Always important to me.
  10. When an professor distributes directions for an assignment, I prefer to:
    1. Figure out the directions on my own.
    2. Follow the directions to the best of my ability, and ask for help if needed.
    3. Have the directions explained to me.
  11. When aksing a professor a question, I prefer to:
    1. Communicate via email.
    2. Talk in person and through email when needed.
    3. Always meet in person. 
  12. Considering my professional and personal schedule, the amount of time I have to work on eLearning courses is:
    1. Six or more hours per week.
    2. Four to six hours per week.
    3. Less than four hours per week.