Drop, Withdraw or Audit?

Recommendations to consider before making a change

Speak with the course instructor 

Instructors will often be able to give students an idea of how they are doing in class, offer some suggestions for improvement, and explain available options. Instructor signatures are required to withdraw from classes or change enrollment status to audit. 

Ask the instructor about Audit and Incomplete options 

• Auditing allows students to participate in classes and develop their skills. However, students who audit courses do not receive a grade or credits on their transcript. Auditing may also impact funding. An instructor signature is required to change to audit status. 
• Incomplete grades are only an option for students who have completed the majority of the course work for the class. Students who meet this requirement may discuss this option with their instructor. 

Take advantage of free tutoring services offered in The Learning Center.

Speak to Learning Center coordinator, (486.1253) or Learning Center staff (486.1203) about these options: 

• Enroll in a lab course for regularly scheduled 1-on-1 tutoring. 
• Visit or call the Learning Center to speak to a tutor who specializes in the content area where help is needed. 

Consider current and future funding 

Withdrawing from a class may impact current or future financial aid, VA benefits, and scholarships. 
Students should speak with Student Services staff (486.1214) or the UAA Office of Financial Aid (907.786.1586) about how their funding may be affected. 

Know the deadlines

Drop (100% refund), changing to audit, or withdrawing (no refund). 
• Semester-length courses (10-15 weeks) 
o Audit/Drop period: first two weeks 
o Withdraw period: weeks 3-12 
• Mid-length course (3-9 weeks) 
o Audit/Drop period: 7 calendar days from the class start date 
o Withdraw deadline: 7 calendar days before the class end date 
• Short courses (1-2 weeks) 
o Audit/Drop period: before the first class meeting 
o Withrawing from short courses is not an option 
A Request for Exception to University Policy form must be submitted to the Director to drop, withdraw, or change to audit outside the timelines listed above.