William Long

Adjunct Instructor
Natural Sciences
Phone: (907) 512-0575

Dr. William Christopher Long worked in Chesapeake Bay for seven years, where he earned his doctorate in Marine Science from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the College of William and Mary, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship from the Smithsonian Institute. His research examined the effects of hypoxia on the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, predator prey dynamics between crabs and bivalve prey, and the importance of near-shore habitat for blue crabs.

He joined the National Marine Fisheries Service in 2009 and has been working out of the Kodiak Laboratory doing research on king and tanner crabs in Alaska.

Current research includes the effects of ocean acidification on all life history stages of king and Tanner crabs, the influence of habitat on crab predator-prey dynamics, and king crab stock enhancement.