Drop, Withdraw, or Audit Classes

Log in to UAOnline, use the online drop form, or complete a paper ADD/Drop/Change form at Student Services to change your schedule.



Dropping a course means the course will not appear on a student transcript. In most cases, a refund is issued.

Students may only drop a course at the beginning of the semester. Deadlines are determined by class start date and usually occur within the first two weeks of the semester. Short classes have prorated deadlines.


Withdrawing from a class will result in a  “W” grade. Students are encouraged to meet with their instructor or an advisor before withdrawing. Financial aid may be impacted.

 For semester length courses, students may withdraw after the drop period, through the twelfth week of the semester.  Short classes have prorated deadlines. 


Auditing is registering for a class, but not earning a grade or credits. An “AU” grade is earned. 

Instructor approval is required to change to audit from week 2 through 12 of the semester. Short classes have prorated deadlines.

If you have missed a deadline, you may quailfy to request an exception.

Remember to follow published deadlines.

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Contact Student Services at 907-486-1266 or email us for more information.