Developmental Education


Mission:  To prepare under-prepared and non-traditional students for college-level courses, academic success, and life-long learning.


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The College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Program at Kodiak College teaches developmental and college-preparatory reading, writing, mathematics, and college success courses. We help students increase academic and critical thinking skills and encourage them to realize their potential and build self-confidence.

Each fall, the Smart Start Program, a developmental learning community, is offered with courses in Reading (PRPE 076), Writing (PRPE 086), Grammar (PRPE 084), Pre-Algebra (MATH 054), and College Success (GUID 150). 

Students taking the next-level writing class (PRPE 108 Introduction to College Writing) have options of a stand-alone 3-credit class or a Stretch Course (combined with English 111),  two 3-credit courses.  Students must qualify for the Stretch Course through adviser or faculty recommendation, the Accuplacer assessment and/or success in PRPE 086 and PRPE 076.

CPDS students are supported by dedicated faculty, The Learning Center tutors, and computer-assisted instruction (SkillsTutor) in The Learning Center.  They also learn to work closely with and support their peers in the learning community environment.

Students in the program are expected to succeed in their developmental coursework and in the next level English and Mathematics courses.

The goal of the program is to help students succeed in college and reach their academic goals.