Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS)

The Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) is free, interactive, Web-based education and career planning system designed specifically with you in mind.

To accessing AKCIS, click on the logo above or click on the URL:

Use the following login information to access AKCIS:
Username: kodiakcc
Password: 4akcis

Do you have questions about...

Choosing a major or career path? 
Need specific information about a career or occupation? 
Have no idea what you want to do for a career?
Need financial aid? 
Searching for a college, university, or graduate school?
Need Alaska occupational information?
Looking for self-employment information?
Seeking job search resources and help?

Let AKCIS help narrow these questions down for you.  Find detailed information on specific careers. 

The Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS) is a comprehensive career guidance system that provides information and exploration tools to people throughout Alaska.