Additional Resources

Visitors to the virtual component of the Kodiak Room can discover more about historical events on Kodiak Island by exploring the following organizations and resources.


The Alutiq Museum gives visitors the opportunity to explore the fascinating culture and traditions of the Alutiq people and their lasting legacy on Kodiak Island.


At the Baranov Museum, you can explore Kodiak's multifaceted history, including facts on the Alutiq and Russian cultures, the early American era and WWII. Visit their Facebook page for more information as well. 


The Kodiak Military History Museum, located Ready Ammunition bunker at Miller Point in Fort Abercrombie, gives a fascinating glimpse into Kodiak's history during WWII.


While the Kodiak Maritime Museum does not have a physical location at the present time, it hosts a variety of virtual exhibits, educational programs, and community events to inform people about Alaska's fishing industry and maritime heritage. The museum is currently working toward the establishment of a building and a maritime heritage center.



To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Great Alaska Earthquake, on March 27, 2014, various Alaskan repositories have collaborated to build an online guide to information resources related to the earthquake.