Themed eLearning Courses

Under the Title III SIP Sea Change Grant, at least four courses across the disciplines are developed for eLearning and/or hybrid delivery each year. These courses are then piloted the following year. Each course is unique to Kodiak College and designed around an island/coastal theme.

By offering theme-based courses, Kodiak College hopes to increase student interest through strategic curriculum design – attracting students from afar and close to home. When students enjoy their experience in one themed course, they are likely to enroll in the related courses.

Below is a listing of the annual course themes initiated thus far, along with the specific courses developed under the Themed eLearning program.

Year 1: Climate Change

Year 2: Circumpolar Cultures

Year 3: Sustainability

Year 4: Marine Resources

ENVI 212 Living on Earth: People and the Environment

HUM 212 Intro to Humanities II--Living Far North: Alaskans and the Environment

BIOL 178 Foundations of  Oceanography