Sea Change Grant Virtual Student Coaching

The Virtual Student Coaching program is modeled on the successful program Kodiak College has for face-to-face students, in which students receive the guidance and advice of a Kodiak College faculty or staff member over the course of a semester. When students are involved in a coaching program, it leads to more active participation in other university services, such as tutoring.

Kodiak College wants its eLearners to have the same level of guidance available to them as to on-campus students. Virtual student coaches are trained and prepared to give eLearning students the help they need to succeed in their coursework.

Students enrolled in eLearning courses through Kodiak College can sign up for the Virtual Student Coaching program at any time. Participating students receive one-on-one assistance to connect with university services and to handle common problems faced by many college students. Visit the Student Coaching page to learn more.

The Virtual Student Coaching program was developed in Year 3, piloted in Year 4, and is being maintained in Year 5.